Happy Friday


How is it Friday? How is Christmas less than 2 weeks away? Time has completely gotten away from me – as evidenced by my poor blogging of late. It seems I only ever have time to celebrate the big holidays every other year. This year we did Thanksgiving but Christmas…. well at least the decorations are up. For the first time possibly ever I haven’t even listened to Christmas music and it’s been on the radio since Halloween! The warm weather here doesn’t help me get in the spirit of things but this beautiful picture Danny took at Campus Martius does inspire some festive feels.

Tonight, we’ll partake in at least one seasonal activity – the Detroit Zoo’s Wild Lights with Gina, Garrett & Cindel. It’s our first time going so I’m interested to see what it’s like. Saturday we’ll be checking out the Southwest Holiday Fest and going to Chris and Emily’s open house. Sunday is the reprieve! I have no plans and although I want to say that I will shop, clean, read and go to the gym – I will probably lay on the couch and watch football. Mom and B are also stopping by just to hang out – a pregnancy perk since normally I have to go to them.

P.S. My favorite Christmas songs

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