Happy Friday & (belated) Birthday Gwenie!


It goes without saying I’m on the bad blogger list at the moment but I’m a worse Godmother! My calendar has Gwen’s birthday as today and it was yesterday. I feel awful about it! She’s been our practice baby and I could not love her more but apparently remembering her birthday is beyond me. I’m undoubtedly biased about her perfection but she’s the most well-behaved child ever, a sweetheart and so much fun. She brightens up the worst days and I’m so glad Lindsey and Brett share her with us.

This weekend is a Gwenapalooza! Well kinda. We get to babysit our girlie tomorrow and I’m hoping to win lots of cool points with Elsa goodies. Then it’s off to Gina’s for a Levinlander throwback cookie exchange. I’ll be bringing my favorite lemon crinkle cookies. Sunday we’re celebrating Gwen’s birthday with her family (and Mom and B). And yup that’s about it. A quiet relaxing weekend around these parts and I couldn’t be happier about it.

P.S. If you need a Friday laugh – mean Tweets!

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