Long Family Orchard

This weekend we checked off another item from our Fall List and went to Long Family Orchard. Danny’s sister recommended it last year and after this second visit I will officially declare it my orchard of choice. There are plenty of cider mills around but a smaller number offer U-Pick. Those that do are generally busy all the … More Long Family Orchard

Happy Friday

I am almost never sick. It’s a wonderful thing and I know I’m very fortunate. However, it doesn’t make the fact that I’m currently under the weather any more enjoyable. ESPECIALLY when I have a very long day at work ahead of me. It’s our annual gala at work tonight and I’m working 9am to … More Happy Friday

Happy Friday!

I don’t need to have children to know the worst part of parenting is potty-training.  It’s an uphill battle and will occupy a lot of my weekend.  For better or worse, Gwen loves to visit the bathroom but her success rate is about 1 in 20 visits.  Those trips are exhausting but not the worst … More Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

The look on her face reflects all the mischief she plans to get into now.  Our borrowed baby Gwenie turned 2 this week!  I can’t believe how quickly the time passes.  I remember rushing to the hospital the day she was born.  Traffic was horrible and GPS took us to the wrong place.  I remember … More Happy Friday!


It seems like everyone had a Friendsgiving this year and we were no exception.  I wasn’t trying to be trendy, I simply like the idea.  Last year we had a brunch for our wedding party to celebrate our anniversary.  Since our schedule was tight in October, I decided against doing it again; however, I still … More Friendsgiving