Happy Friday!

I don’t need to have children to know the worst part of parenting is potty-training.  It’s an uphill battle and will occupy a lot of my weekend.  For better or worse, Gwen loves to visit the bathroom but her success rate is about 1 in 20 visits.  Those trips are exhausting but not the worst part in my mind.  No the worst part is the Pull-Up.  I don’t like leaving babies unchanged but if you need a little time, a diaper will keep things dry and in their place.  They are also super easy to change because you don’t have to take off clothes in their entirety.  If we’re out and about a Pull-Up change needs to happen ASAP, Gwen is too tiny for public bathrooms AND I have to take off most her clothes – it winter in Michigan we wear layers! Basically Gwen is going to be housebound until she’s 4.
Before we get our favorite little girl, I’m getting lunch with my college friend Raechel. Our previous attempts to get together have been postponed so many times, I’m glad we finally found a day that works.  It’s a two night sleepover with Gwen and I’ve loaded up the kitchen with snacks for her food inspection – this girl loves to eat.  Saturday I’m meeting Cara for breakfast. Danny will take on babysitting duties and early mornings aren’t his thing.  Fortunately, he is Gwen’s favorite person and she’s familiar with the words “Uncle Danny is sleeping” so she may voluntarily chill in her playpen until he’s fully functioning.  For reasons previously noted we’ll otherwise have a low-key weekend at home.  I’m searching Pinterest for fun activities for 2 year olds to see what Gwen can do now that she’s a big girl.
Photo Source: Baby Blues

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