Long Family Orchard

long family orchard, michigan

This weekend we checked off another item from our Fall List and went to Long Family Orchard. Danny’s sister recommended it last year and after this second visit I will officially declare it my orchard of choice. There are plenty of cider mills around but a smaller number offer U-Pick. Those that do are generally busy all the time and have long waits (at least that’s been my experience). Long Family Orchard hits all the marks for my apple orchard preferences: it’s less than 30 minutes from our house, there is a tracker hayride to take you to the apples that comes around often but is also not mandatory because the orchard isn’t too large to walk, there is ample parking next to a large barn that is perfect for photo-ops and sells delicious cinnamon donuts and fresh cider, there are plenty of tables outside to enjoy the fresh picked goodies and the staff is very friendly.

The entire trip including travel took 2 hours and our borrowed baby, Gwen, said numerous times that she had lots of fun – a substantial accomplishment because she is a still young and doesn’t typically make declarative statements. While Danny is looking forward to a new family Thanksgiving Day tradition, this one is mine.

long family orchard, michigan

long family orchard, michigan

long family orchard, michigan

long family orchard, michigan

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