Happy Friday!

vivien leigh, scarlett o'hara

I loathe to admit it but my Scarlett fever is back – the curses of an obsessive personality. Given my lack of self control, I try to avoid my favorite things like the plague but only ever with temporary success. In this case, my love for Gone with the Wind has reared its head. I finally read The Scarlett Letter (Danny bought if for me at Christmas) a collection of letters from Margaret Mitchell from the time she sold the book to the movie premiere. It was a bit longer than it had to be but still good. Anyway, seeing Scarlett’s name in print several times per page hasn’t help my sense that the baby is a girl and I feel awful about it. Most of my life I so adamantly wanted a girl the thought of having a boy was such a disappointment. Knowing I’d regret those feelings I spent the last few years purposefully and diligently converting myself to having no preference. It was a sincerely successful project and I will be just as happy if it’s a boy or a girl but now if it’s a boy I know I’ll feel guilty for thinking he was a Scarlett these last couple weeks. I was doing so well but months of idle waiting would make most people fill in the blanks with something – I can’t wait to know for sure!!!

Well that’s a longer Friday intro than most – but the vent was necessary. Anyway, today I have a list of errands to run and a hair appointment! Since our family is woefully impatient on the gift giver side of things, Mom sweetly offered to have an early birthday present and pay for me to get my hair cut. As proud as I was of my kitchen cut, this is much preferred. I doubt it will be dramatic or even noticeably by most but I’m still looking forward to it. Tomorrow is College Football Saturday, MSU first and then Notre Dame at Mr. B’s. We will also have Gwen for the weekend and it’ll be fun to see our – now – little girl. Sunday I’m seeing one of my absolute favorite people in the entire world – Mr. Hughes. I’m beyond excited and doing everything I can to avoid wishing away the weekend. I see him almost every year and have the best time. He’s been such a huge part of my life, I’ll always be grateful for his help and support during my painful teenage years. I doubt very much that he reads this blog, so I’ll tell him the big news. I honestly hate telling people in person, it seems so self-involved, but he won’t be able to guess it and I’m not sure a future email is any better. A cider mill, NFL Football, and Gina’s visit are also on the agenda. Reading and the gym are idealistic hopes.

P.S. I will shamefully admit I do enjoy this miniseries sequel…

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