September Monthly Beauty Buys

ulta, charming charlie's, cetaphil

I’ve been talking health, beauty and fashion for years, in the – ‘this is on my to-do’ list sense and I feel the clock ticking extra loud these days. Being a mom is a big deal. You’re setting an example that will leave a lasting impact on a person’s life and for someone with some vanity issues, looking good makes the list of positive example priorities.

Taking a firm minimalist approach to my wardrobe has sincerely help me find my style. I like the basics: blacks, whites, beige, and blues with pops of red and pink. It’s what works best for me but it’s a little one dimensional. Consequently, I’m determined to start accessorizing.

My other weakness is with beauty: make-up and skincare specifically. Laziness is honestly the biggest impediment in this area. In the morning, I don’t give myself enough time to put on make-up and in the evening I don’t go to bed early enough to have the energy to take it off. The latter, also discourages the former. Make-up is a grown-up, professional thing and I really need to do it. Plus, my fresh faced youth is creeping away and I could use the help.

As I am also on a budget, I’m starting small to figure out what I will realistically use. Once it becomes a true habit I’ll think about investing. In the meantime, ULTA and Charming Charlie’s is just what I need.

Cetaphil: I’ve been reading about this for years. Bloggers and celebrities alike swear by it and I’m giving it a go. I know its important to take off make-up and I’m hoping that keeping it on the counter will leave me with no excuse but to use it no matter how tired I am.

ULTA Pink Hint Nail Lacquer: I’m pleasantly surprised by this purchase. Typically, I paint my nails and it’s chipped or fading from the tips in a matter of hours. I selected a light, subtle color in an effort to minimize the evidence of such problems but am pleased to say the polish is staying put. Consequently, I plan to keep using it.

Nude Shiny Sheer Lip Gloss: This was a bust. I love the color, it’s pink but not too pink, but it doesn’t show up on my lips. A definite lesson learned here. I’ll try again next month to find a similar color by Revlon since that’s the brand of my go-to red lip gloss.

Rose Gold Channing Cuff Watch: This is my absolute favorite thing. I’m desperately trying to detach from the cellphone and one of the best excuses to look at it is to find the time. A watch has been on my to-get list for awhile and when Gina and I discovered the surprisingly chic Charming Charlies at Westland Mall, I decided to go for it. I picked up a few options but this pink watch had my name (or initial) on it. Something special but still subtle, I love it.


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