My Favorite Things 2014

My minimalist approach to life this past year allowed me to be more thoughtful with the things I purchased and appreciate them more.  I discovered some great finds, including a few unpictured items: lava cakes, Ann Taylor dress and Some Luck. I think all of these things are perfect last minute gifts, items to buy with Christmas money or simply things to try in 2015.

  1. Captain America Tee – Danny has a Marvel collection of super hero t-shirts but the selection for women is pathetic.  I was thrilled to find a Cap baseball jersey at Target and it is a wardrobe staple.
  2. ColorStay Lipstick – I’m not a make-up person but I find myself wearing this top tomato lipstick most days.  I love the color and it keeps me from looking washed out.  It also deserves its name – I apply in the morning and it lasts all day.
  3. The Skimm – The Skimm is a daily news newsletter that I read every morning in bed.  Short but informative it keeps me up-to-date on national and world news. Best part is it’s free.
  4. Modern Family – My current tv marathon show. I watched it casual before but I’ve really gotten into it lately.  It’s a wholesome family show that reminds me of the stellar comedies of the 90s. This is also Danny’s favorite thing – he never watches television but I have no trouble getting him to tune in for multiple episodes in a row.
  5. Local Crafts – I went to a half dozen craft fairs in the city this season and loved them.  It’s the best of both worlds: I find fun unique items and can support local entrepreneurs.
  6. Wolf Moon – The hibiscus margarita mixer with rum is my favorite cocktail. The local product is always in high demand and whenever Germack or Hugh have some in-store we stock up.
  7. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me: I mentioned this book before and it really is fantastic.  It’s one of those books I pass around to friends because it’s totally worth the read.
  8. Van Gough Notebook – I keep this for my visits to the DIA.  It’s cute, convenient and a great way to record my creative work.

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