Happy Christmas!

I’m not religious and to maintain Godparent status I won’t admit the frequency in which we attend Mass.  With that preface, I admit that Pope Francis speaks to the Catholic in me.  My unwavering aversion is life is hypocrisy and I’ve too often felt that the church is a leading perpetrator.  Francis is different.  He’s humble, sincere and appears to truly live the message of God.  I believe there are lessons to be learned and tomorrow we will go to church.

Today, I’ll be celebrating Christmas with Mom, B and Aunt Margaret.  Since Danny works, he’ll join us for a bit before we head to his family for the big celebration.  It’s always fun to have the nieces and nephews together for the holiday, I remember my first Christmas with the family and how little everyone was.  Now they’re almost all double-digits.  Christmas morning will be the two of us and we’ll go to Aunt Mikki’s in the evening. Friday I’m taking B rock-wall climbing for my sibling gift to her.  Then we’re going downtown for some casino nights.  The weekend will be low key with no scheduled plans! Unbelievable.


P.S. More thoughts on Francis

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