Happy Friday!

Yesterday I had breakfast with my favorite person in the world.  This isn’t an overstatement, it’s a long established fact.  My runners up are aware of this and accept it.  Michael Hughes was my high school history teacher and go-to person for many years.  As is the case with most teenagers, I was dramatic and emotional but Mr. Hughes was patient and supportive.  His attention meant a lot because I often felt very alone.  For the past 12 years nothing can make me happier than hearing from Hughes.  Seeing him is even better because I feel like I have the chance to redeem myself.  He’s definitely the most influential person in my life.

The work I’ve done at MEP and the interest I have in working with teenagers is firmly rooted in all the things Hughes has done for me.  I don’t know how I would have made it through some days without knowing he was there (even when he wasn’t present) and I want to be that person for others who might need it.  My efforts were validated at MEP this week.  I’m not participating in the program like I have in the past but I want the girls to know I’m around if they need something.  It’s easy to question your purpose and have moments of doubt but my MEP girls quickly fixed that problem. The girls were thrilled to see me and stated plainly that they were glad I didn’t abandon them.  I felt appreciated and hopeful that perhaps I can provide these girls with some of the comfort Mr. Hughes has provided me.

On to the weekend – a wedding weekend! Melissa and Phil are tying the knot and I freely accept the credit for this. Hopefully, I don’t have too much fun at the wedding because I work Sunday.  After work, I will trek out to the Banana Republic Outlet store for the holiday sale.  I need a couple more staples for my wardrobe.  I’m also meeting Cara for dinner in Brighton.  It’s her new hometown and I’ve never been. I’m definitely looking forward to catching up. Bonus: It’s a three-day weekend for me and Monday will be spent working on the home office!

P.S. I’m so proud of this girl!!!

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