Happy Friday!

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What a week! We learned our little baby is a boy. I was admittedly a little shocked by the news – turns out I did have a preference after all. I’m now recovered and very excited. I’ve been shopping up a storm and ordering or picking up anything that doesn’t have a cartoon character and isn’t neon/plaid/camo. I’m relieved to discover that there are more boy items that I genuinely like than I thought but there will inevitably be plenty of posts on that. Back to my boy – his name is Lucas Mikhail. We picked out his name six years ago. Danny insisted that we chose a name from the bible to make his parents happy (we were able to tell his mom our name plans before she passed – so she knew) and we both liked Luke best. For a very long time I’ve loved the name Mikhail after two of my favorites – Russia and Michael Hughes. I told him about the namesake possibility when I saw him last month and can’t wait for them to meet in the spring. [Note the sonogram picture is a profile of his head – a little hard to tell…]

The weekend. Tonight, Kat is coming over for Sex and the City watchaton – both overdue. I lucked out and don’t have to work Saturday – yay! – and will be catching up on exercise at Kensington with Cara. We’ll see if I can still pull off an 8 mile walk. We’ve been watching every Notre Dame game at Mr. B’s this season and as an added perk he gets a pizza or other meal for afternoon games – GO IRISH! [and GO GREEN!] I’m also hoping Danny will do a little more work on the dresser because I can’t wait to get this nursery project started. Sunday I work all day but I’ll make it to Kensley’s birthday celebration in the evening, Danny can get some baby practice and finally meet our new nephew Kallan.

P.S. My friend, Raechel just happened to share this song on Facebook yesterday – perfect timing

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