Wedding Weekend

Melissa and Phil got married this weekend and it was a fantastic celebration.

My friendship with Melissa is symbolic of how I’ve grown as a person.  When I was younger I always wanted to hang out with the older kids.  Consequently, when Kat suggested I hang out with her younger sister, I completely rebuffed the idea – at the time I was 17 and Melissa was 16.  Fast forward a few years and I realized age doesn’t matter at all.  I honestly don’t remember when Melissa and I became friends in our own right.  It’s possible it all started because we were on treadmills next to each other at the gym.  We use to be pretty diligent work out buddies.  Now we’re regular buddies and I really need to go to the gym. However it came about, I’m glad Melissa and I are friends and I’m glad we were able to be apart of each others wedding.

And not that Kat would feel rebuffed but I have to say I’m lucky to have her too.  We’ve been friends for a long time and since we both prioritize relationship I have no doubt we’ll stay that way.

The best part about the wedding is that I’ve watched this relationship grow from the very beginning.  The reality is Melissa and my workout dates were more or less vent sessions about Danny and Phil.  In defense of the fellows, venting doesn’t translate into complaints (although that was inevitably part of it).  Our conversations were predominately centered around ‘when will we get married’ and imaginative wedding planning.  Now that the actual wedding planning has taken place, it’s on to the next thing: babies.  My other married friends are on the baby train but we’ll be waiting.  One of many important life decisions made at LA Fitness was me getting Melissa to commit to tackling the baby thing together and I’m holding her to it; therefore, the Carrie/Melissa saga is to be continued….

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