Happy Friday

I am almost never sick. It’s a wonderful thing and I know I’m very fortunate. However, it doesn’t make the fact that I’m currently under the weather any more enjoyable. ESPECIALLY when I have a very long day at work ahead of me. It’s our annual gala at work tonight and I’m working 9am to midnight. I know I can soldier through but the timing is not ideal. What’s more disappointing is that we get Gwenie this weekend. I was hoping for a weekend full of adventures – namely hardcore potty training – but now I’m thinking lots of movies and in-door picnics. Things can change quickly and perhaps it’s a passing cold.

If all goes according to plan I’ll work Friday night and sleepover at Mom’s since Gwen will have spent the evening there. In the morning we’ll hit up the library and park, catch up with Cara and have a BBQ in the evening. Sunday we’ll have our typical lazy early morning and an afternoon with more fun. Gina is coming in the evening for our first run session and I’m very much looking forward to having the wind in my hair again!

P.S. The summer series I look forward to most

Photo credit: Fashion In Flight

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