Happy Friday!

The look on her face reflects all the mischief she plans to get into now.  Our borrowed baby Gwenie turned 2 this week!  I can’t believe how quickly the time passes.  I remember rushing to the hospital the day she was born.  Traffic was horrible and GPS took us to the wrong place.  I remember thinking to myself that this better be one cute baby – she exceeds expectations.  I literally (used correctly) could not love her more.  This is good because I fear there may be a shift in my typical docile baby.  This isn’t all bad, I look forward to doing more activities with her and watching her personality AND vocabulary grow (she can say my name but she much prefers Danny’s).  Here’s to a wonderful second year for our favorite little girl.

Today is a big day.  I organized my big boss’ retirement party!  I arranged for food from all my Detroit favorites and can’t wait for lunch.  I also can’t wait to see all my fantastic co-workers.  It’s hard to believe the end is closing in.  Mom and B will be watching Gwenie for us for a bit, after the after-party I’ll stay with them. Tomorrow I’ll be spending time downtown with my sister-in-law Teri and Mr. B.  We’re going to see Cirque Dreams Holidaze and go out to lunch.  In the evening we’re playing Game of Thrones the boardgame with the Hakalas.  Danny is BEYOND excited.  Sunday, Julia is treating us to Painting with a Twist.  It’s so sweet of her and I look forward to catching up.  It’s an extended weekend for me and Monday I’m going to catch up with Tchinarold.  I can’t wait to hear how she enjoyed her first semester of college!  And for an unexpected ending – GO LIONS!

P.S. For more Gwen cuteness

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