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This quote is the basis of a memoir I recently read.  My Year With Eleanor recounts Noelle Hancock’s self imposed challenge to do one thing that scared her every day for a year.  Big scary things like trapeze class, stand-up comedy, sky diving, ocean diving with sharks and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  And easier to accomplish things like confronting someone who takes your seat in the movies or wearing no makeup.
It was a rare occasion when I picked up a book, read the first page and knew I’d love it. Noelle’s writing is honest, easy and playful.  I waited to Google her until I finished the book but as soon as the final page was finished I jumped on the computer.  I needed to know what happened with her boyfriend and her addiction to sleeping pills.  Well the unthinkable happened.  Noelle has NO internet presence.  Everything is from a few years ago when the book was published and her Twitter account is dead.  I feel like my favorite television show was cancelled and it sucks.
Nevertheless, it was a great book* and worth the couple days it takes to read.  Simply brace yourself – you will want more. 
*Although not historically accurate in all areas.  Normally misreporting about the Roosevelts upsets me but I enjoyed the memoir too much for it to bother me.

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