I do hate a neglected blog. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately.

Playing Civilizations V with Danny. It’s the only video game I enjoy and it is something fun (and addictive) we can do together. Danny even concedes to my need to always be Catherine the Great.

Winning the weekly NFL picks against Danny. I’ve had a great few weeks but we’re tied overall. Here’s hoping I pull off a first year victory.

Reading Doris Kearns Goodwin’s The Bully Pulpit still. Although, it’s not quite as bad as it seems. The books I put on hold finally came in. A Window Opens by Elisabeth Egan was a nice, easy read. Fates & Furies was too boring, so after a few days of trying to read it, I’m giving up.

Feeling a gamut of emotions! I’m constantly worried about Lucas’ kick rate (he’s consistently inconsistent and often MIA). These next two months will definitely be long and I’m worried about my weight gain – I feel like a whale. Currently, I’m also frustrated with Detroit. After an unjust traffic stop and equally unjust court visit – I am disappointed and annoyed by this taxation through tickets system. The lack of Detroit related blog posts lately is directly related to my displeasure with the city.

Eating too many donuts! Livonia has three things going for it: Bates, 2 Targets and the Looney Baker. I’m determined to break the habit but it’s so hard to resist their jelly donut.

Drinking sparkling juice. It’s my favorite guilty pleasure and cocktail substitute. Target’s Blood Orange soda is one of my favorite.

Buying a few more baby items and some maternity/post-postpartum gear. As noted above, I’m rapidly expanding and am not sure I’ll make it with the clothes I have. Sheila also sent me some helpful/cringe-worthy new mom item suggestions that I’ll be picking up.

Planning our budget for the new year. After a year of debt-free living, we really got off track with our spending habits. Now that we are adding a HUGE expense (i.e. daycare and diapers) and will need to start planning for additional costs in the near future (i.e. cars and a house), I will be paying close attention to where our dollars go.

Wishing it was a bit more Christmas-y around here. I know a lot of people are relishing in this warm weather but it doesn’t feel like Christmas without a chill and some snow.

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