Happy Friday


News these days is devastating and hopeless. I’m not too optimistic about the planet at the moment but it does force me to cherish every moment. So no matter what time I have to wake up in the morning, I always hit snooze a half dozen times to cuddle with Danny. This isn’t great for my morning routine (it’s easier to get up immediately than linger) and since Danny always gets up after I do I’m not sure my ringtone going off every 5 minutes is his favorite thing either; however, it’s an absolute must because I know that if I didn’t and anything ever happened it would be my biggest regret. Not a doomsday post, simply a note about priorities.

On to some good things. Tonight is another SaTC watchaton with Kat. Pregnancy brain has set in so I don’t remember where we left off – season 2, episode something. Saturday is our baby shower and I can’t wait to see friends and family and fawn over baby cuteness. I’ll have my photographer on hand for a blog recap. In the evening we’re going back to the 20s for a speakeasy event at the Hakalas – I’ll be the DD. Sunday I’ll make a long overdue visit to Katherine’s ‘new’ house for a cookie exchange and Gina is coming over in the evening for the OUAT mid-season finale. A fun filled weekend!

P.S. More thoughts on time

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