Lucas’ Baptism


Danny and I had a lot of anxiety leading up to the baptism after we learned Lucas would be dipped naked in the font. We’re both life-long Catholics but we were baptized with a little water poured over our heads. Bath time can be hit or miss with this guy and he has intestines of a champion. We were thoroughly convinced he would scream and go to the bathroom in the font. Miraculously, he did neither. There were a few sleepy tears at the end of the ceremony but all in all he did a great job!

Lucas’ godparents are my Uncle Jason and Danny’s oldest sister Teri. Even though my uncle lives out of state we have become close over the last several years. When I was in college (or in my early Levin years?) he offered to take me on a service trip to Russia, being me  (i.e. I have no idea why) I panicked and declined. It’s on a very short list of regrets but it will always mean a lot to me that he thought to take me to my top international travel destination. Uncle Jason and I also share a desire to challenge ourselves. He does a much better job than I do – skydiving, swing dancing, international travel, running, no sugar, the list goes on. For his kindness and strong examples of personal growth, I wanted to help ensure that he and Lucas have a special relationship. Danny has four great sisters so it wasn’t easy to select a godmother; however, Teri is the matriarch of the family. Coincidentally, she also has the least godchildren but this year she acquired both Kallan and Lucas.

In my continuous ode to history, I wanted to create a special baptismal gown for Lucas and any other children we have (or he has). I LOVE my wedding dress but its practical applications are limited. Consequently, I decided to use the beautiful train for a gown (now the dress is cocktail length and can be worn on our anniversary). My sister offered to sew it  based on my desire for it to resemble Prince George’s. She did a fantastic job and I’m so glad we’ll have the keepsake.

Note terrified expression on my face and Danny’s skepticism at this endeavor.
Lucas trying to eat my shoulder since I took him away from what he really wanted. This dress was perfect for my nursing needs.
Teri and Uncle Jason
Aunt B and the finished product. 
Watch out Prince George.
I can’t resist the baby feet in Daddy’s booties.

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