Wedding Dress Re-purposed


I was not a typical bride. I did’t go to a bridal shop or try on a single dress. Instead Gina searched dresses on Angel Wedding dress and by process of elimination I found one I loved – at a price I couldn’t beat. I ordered my dress for $300 and hoped the women making it weren’t in sweat shops. At the same time it was set to arrive the local news stations were running stories about scam sites and horrible dresses. I started freaking out and was relieved when my dress arrived. It wasn’t the same as the picture online and for some reason it was ivory and not white but it was still perfect for me.

Almost all brides want to pick their own dress so I’ve never had the illusion that if we have a daughter she would want to wear my dress. Instead, I want to wear my dress for as many years as I can and, because it is special to me, I wanted to make an heirloom piece from it too. For $30 I had it cut knee-length for a cocktail dress and B sewed a baptismal gown with the extra material.

My goal is to fit in this thing for another 59 years or so.


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