Year 4


Marriage is a choice. Everyday you make a decision to spend your life with another person. Everyday you make decisions that impact another person’s life on superficial and serious levels. Do I make the bed? Do I buy the new television I want? Do I host a dinner?

You chose the actions and the responses.

My general rule is that I made the big choice – to spend the rest of my life with Danny – and I want a happy life. Griping about dishes in the sink or holding on to hurt feelings is not fun for anyone.

The result is that we don’t fight much. We make mistakes but we can move past them. Instead of getting defensive and distant, we own our errors, make improvements and move past them.

The other choice you make is to make time for each other. I haven’t been great at that these last few months but I know I can make excuses or a change. So I joined the gym to bring back our workout dates, I put Lucas in his cradle at night so I can hold on to my big man instead of my baby, and I disregard the budget to allow for lunch dates.

All little things that add up to a wonderful and amazing marriage with a man I adore.

Happy anniversary Wordbird!

Lessons in Marriage:
Year 1: The first year of marriage is REALLY hard! Even if you lived together and shared finances beforehand, the piece of paper changes things.

Year 2: Don’t take the good things for granted and share them with your family and friends. The little things you complain about will seem more serious to them if they don’t know the big picture.

Year 3: When you’re with the right person, you know it and it feels wonderful.

Year 4: Marriage is a series of choices. You decide how you act and react – all actions have consequences.


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