Year 7

Some couples put there relationship before their kids and others put their kids first. We’re the latter. Adding little people to a twosome is HARD – especially when you suck at getting the little people on a definitive sleep schedule and you co-sleep… Danny and I are in the thick of it with the boys. … More Year 7

Year 6

  When Danny and I first started dating I was at my lowest weight because I was too happy to eat. We saw each other every day for a year and texted good morning and good night without fail. These days we see each other every day but we almost never say good morning or … More Year 6

Year 5

These 5 years have been incredible. I love Danny now more than ever and if I had to do it again today I’d be more enthusiastic and excited than the first time because like fine wine, Danny only gets better with age. That said, marriage isn’t always easy. As previously noted I’ve been in a … More Year 5

Year 4

Marriage is a choice. Everyday you make a decision to spend your life with another person. Everyday you make decisions that impact another person’s life on superficial and serious levels. Do I make the bed? Do I buy the new television I want? Do I host a dinner? You chose the actions and the responses. … More Year 4

The Big 3

This anniversary feels extra special because it’s our third year of marriage and first year as a family of three. We’re ready for it and excited but it’s a little bittersweet. Danny and I are great together. We bicker and he does things to drive me crazy but I love our life as the two … More The Big 3


“Sometimes when I think he’s the biggest jerk in the world and then he’ll do something funny, and I’ll laugh and I’ll think to myself, ‘Oh, that’s why I married him.’” That quote alone makes me want to see this documentary.  I think it’s a perfect summary of marriage.  112 Weddings is the work of … More Marriage

Men’s Wear

I’m definitely a wife who wants to improve her husband’s style.  So far I think I’ve done well in upgrading Danny’s wardrobe from him teen years; however, as hard as I try I cannot convince him to let go of the hoodies.  Since he wears them so often most of them are in disrepair.  This … More Men’s Wear

Lucky Wife

I’m still getting use to the being married thing.  I can’t really explain what I mean by that.  I don’t feel single but most days I just feel like myself without a title.  Today was not one of those days and this morning I felt like a very lucky wife. Weather in Michigan has been … More Lucky Wife