Men’s Wear

I’m definitely a wife who wants to improve her husband’s style.  So far I think I’ve done well in upgrading Danny’s wardrobe from him teen years; however, as hard as I try I cannot convince him to let go of the hoodies.  Since he wears them so often most of them are in disrepair.  This weekend, he decided he needs a replacement.  I hit the internet to see what was available and try to persuade him to get alternative outerwear.  These were my findings:
  1. Merona Cardigan: Target $29.99 CLEARANCE: $25.48
  2. Merona Sweater: Target $24.99 CLEARANCE: $14.98
  3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Sweater: Macy’s $80.00 SALE: $39.99
  4. Club Room Sweater: Macy’s $72.00 SALE: $14.99
  5. Moto Sweater Jacket: Banana Republic $120.00
  6. Mac Jacket:  GAP $88.00

I showed him all of those and this:
Guess what will be arriving in 5-7 business days?

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