Lucky Wife

I’m still getting use to the being married thing.  I can’t really explain what I mean by that.  I don’t feel single but most days I just feel like myself without a title.  Today was not one of those days and this morning I felt like a very lucky wife.

Weather in Michigan has been rough.  Lots of snow and ice that has made the commute to and from work disastrous.  I left the house first today and found myself trapped in a parking lot formerly known as the expressway.  When I called Danny to warn him to avoid 96 and tell him my alternative route, he told me to be careful and call him if my car got stuck and then call AAA*.  He proceeded to give me tips on how to drive through a snow bank in case I hit an unplowed streets in the city.  It was a short and simple call but I felt very loved and cared for… and married.

*We don’t have AAA because it’s insanely overpriced (we have Progressive).

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