Five Years Later

Five years ago today I was a nervous wreak.  I’d been crushing on Danny for weeks and now we were finally going on a date.  I remember rollerblading in the late afternoon and getting a call from him that he had a stomach ache (an omen).  I was sure it was an excuse and he … More Five Years Later

Lucky Wife

I’m still getting use to the being married thing.  I can’t really explain what I mean by that.  I don’t feel single but most days I just feel like myself without a title.  Today was not one of those days and this morning I felt like a very lucky wife. Weather in Michigan has been … More Lucky Wife

Assuming Positions

The current frigid temperatures left me with some unexpected time at home.  I decided to spend it cleaning the house and going through old things including pictures, cards and letters.  Finding tokens of mine and Danny’s relationship was a fun way to pass time.  It’s interesting to see how our relationship has evolved and amazing … More Assuming Positions

Valentine Dinner

Yesterday I came home to a beautiful, delicious and romantic dinner.  Danny was in a tizzy trying to put everything together.  He’s a perfectionist and the pressure of putting together a meal probably raised his bp to unhealthy levels. The meal was absolutely perfect.  The first course was scallops on a pea/mint puree.  It was … More Valentine Dinner

Christmas Surprise

From our relationship Danny has picked up many of my habits.  One such habit is giving gifts before the designated date.  I’ve improved in this area but he’s getting worse. lol Last night he gave me a Tiffany blue box and inside was a pair of glass mittens ornament for our tree.  He wanted to … More Christmas Surprise