Honeymoon Highlights

We finally went on our honeymoon trip to the Castle in the Country B&B on the west side of the state.  It was a gift all of the siblings had gone in for in 2011 and the Bs never had time to use before Mrs. B got sick. They were very sweet and gave it to us.  The trip started off very well post-party.  Danny had found an outdoor ice rink in Portage, Michigan that we stopped off at on the way.  It was very fun and romantic.
We checked into our cute little Golden Tower room and then quickly headed off to dinner.
We went to Salt of the Earth in Fennville, Michigan and it was truly the best meal I’ve ever had.  A perfect rum sour, wonderful buttery scallops for a starter and the most divinely cooked hanger steak I’ve ever had.  The worst part about the whole things was I was too stuffed to eat everything!  Danny wore his new suit and looked VERY sexy!
Monday morning I was able to sport the winter gear I picked up at Burlington in Portage.  We considered going skiing but after learning of the free snowshoes available at the B&B we decided it would be the more fiscally responsible decision.  The property was nice and it was a peaceful excursion.
In lieu of skating we went on a mini beer tour.  First up to Holland to the New Holland Brewery.  Danny tried a flight and enjoyed it.  In the evening we went to Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo – one of Danny’s favorite beer producers.  For dessert we went to this restaurant Food Dance that I really enjoyed and also want to go back to.

Tuesday morning it was time to leave and just in time too because the snow started coming down hard in Allegan.  It was a great getaway and I look forward to our next trip – hopefully, NYC.

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