Party Time

Saturday night my long awaited party for the nieces and nephews.  11 kids, 2 adults and 1 townhouse.  I spent the week planning everything out.  A fort for Erin and Reese, a mancave for the boys, an unlimited supply of snacks and tables full of crafts.  Did I go overboard?  Yes.  But I’m ok with it.  Everyone had a great time and there were no problems.
The boys remained glued to the television for the duration of their visit.  Sega and – when they could sneak the big tv – Call of Duty.
The girls started the evening with arts and crafts.  I had the girls make Happiness jars and they had a good time with it.  I made the smart move to get duct tape and it kept them busy for a long time.  The highlight for the girls was dressing up in my clothes.  They spent nearly two hours exchanging dress, getting pictures taken and doing fashion shows.  Although I borrowed princess clothes from Lindsey for Erin and she loved them.  When all the girls put on my dresses she wanted to put on a “dress” too.  I managed to convince her that my shirt was a dress.

Sydney wasn’t big on dressing up but she was an excellent videographer/M.C.  After the fashion show the girls painted nails and listened to music in the basement before being called up at midnight for quiet time and movies.  We started with the Lorax and most people were asleep for Jumanji.  
Reese stayed the night and woke up at about 6 a.m. terrified of the strange location and unable to see her sisters lying next to her in the dark.  I was very luck that Madison forced herself awake to help comfort her little sister and we spent the next couple hours watching Dora on YouTube.  I made breakfast for everyone and had to laugh at the line of kids who anxiously awaited food.  I wish I’d gotten a picture of that.  Everyone told me that had lots of fun and were in no rush to leave.  It was very satisfying and although I won’t be doing it again soon, I do want to do it again.

The highlight of the party for me was coming upstairs to find this – Erin and Reese ready for bed and watching Dora with Danny.  He was SO good with Reese I couldn’t have been more impressed.  He started the evening playing CoD with Aidan and not paying too much attention to Reese so that when it was time to get pizza and I had to watch her I found a half dozen pieces of candy splattered about.  He denied this happened on his watch but it definitely did!  He upped his game and spent plenty of time watching Dora and Bubble Guppies.  He made this adorable bed for the girls and tried to get them to sleep but that was a futile task.  They were having too much fun.  It was so nice to finally see them playing together.  Prior to this weekend I never understood why people would want their kids to be close in age but seeing these cuties play together shed some light on it. 
My favorite video of these ladies is too dark for quality view so instead I’ll share this fun video of how they spent the early part of the evening.

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