Valentine Dinner

Yesterday I came home to a beautiful, delicious and romantic dinner.  Danny was in a tizzy trying to put everything together.  He’s a perfectionist and the pressure of putting together a meal probably raised his bp to unhealthy levels.

The meal was absolutely perfect.  The first course was scallops on a pea/mint puree.  It was a rare treat and too delicious because I already want more.  Second course was salmon with a pomegrante glaze and a horseradish sauce with brown rice.  I was pretty stuffed so I gave Danny the last bite and I’m still regretting that decision.  He picked up cannolis from Joe’s Produce and it was literally the best cannoli I’ve every had.  They’ve changed their recipe and it’s for the better!

After a delicious meal we snuggled up on the couch and watched Louis C. K. and The Big Bang Theory.  A great night!

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