Mexican Fiesta

Since we’re having all the kids over Saturday as a treat for Danny’s sibling  I wanted to do something with Ann and Matt.  I invited them over to dinner Sunday but she wasn’t sure her schedule would allow for a dinner date, thankfully it did.  My favorite chicken enchilada casserole was already on the menu but I needed dessert.  I wanted to stick to a Mexican theme and found a recipe for flan. I’d never had flan before so it was a risk.  Thankfully, one that totally paid off.  Matt and Ann loved it!!!  I was so glad; however, since I was nervous it wouldn’t turn out I also made chocolate lava cakes.  An equally successful choice that Ann especially loved.
After dinner we chatted for a while and played some Mortal Komat on Sega.  It was a really nice night and made me all the more thankful to have space to entertain company.

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