Girl Times

This weekend was quite productive and fun!  I finished getting the house back in order post-kid party.  Hung out with Mom on Friday and we Skyped with B.  It’s so good to have that technology and SEE B.  She looks really good and happy – too good and happy really…. I don’t think she’s ever coming home 😦

Saturday was more cleaning and the gym.  I went to Trader Joe’s and picked up wine.  I’ve discovered I really like sweet red wines.  My long anticipated movie night with the Takach ladies was that night too and it was great!  It was so nice to catch up and chill.  We watched Bridget Jones’ Diary and Saved.  Fun movies that have appearances by BSG stars!  I hope to make movie night a regular thing.

Sunday night Mr. B came for dinner and he really enjoyed it.  Mom came over to finally see our new place furnished and we chatted for awhile.  Then Brett called and offered up Lindsey for the Oscars! Yay!  We had a good time watching and I was so glad I could see her.  Her going back to work has really cramped our chat time.
Bonus: I’m almost done with All Quiet on the Western Front and am enjoying it.  I also watched an episode of House of Cards in an attempt to be hip.

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