The Oscars

I seriously watched the Oscars for the first time in years in order to see the Bond tribute.  I expected something awesome and at minimum the appearance of Daniel Craig.  NO LUCK!  Thankfully I was happy with the winners: Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lawrence, Ben and George, and ofcourse Daniel Day Lewis.  The television would have been in jeopardy if he didn’t win.  Thankfully, it was as everyone predicted a foregone conclusion.  I enjoyed Seth’s hosting but I don’t think it was particularly memorable.
Fashion wise I was satisfied; however, nothing REALLY called to me.
My favorite was Zoe.  She’s really pretty and someone I could be for Halloween (a rarity).  I really am into grey right now and I’m digging the belt.  It’s unique and she wears it well.

Classic looks I enjoyed are Charlize (can’t stand the hair) and Jen.  Jen is just a sweetie and I’m so glad Ben won; although, his acceptance speech left me concerned for their marriage.
I LOVE the colors of this dress but could do without the train.  Kerry would have totally ranked if only because of her name; however, she appears to have no personality.  Nevertheless, I’m considering giving Scandal a try.  Admittedly this is less because of her and more because Lisa Edelstein will be on but nevertheless….
And if you didn’t see it live.  I’d say DDL is worth the minute of your time.  He’s surprisingly funny.

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