Assuming Positions

The current frigid temperatures left me with some unexpected time at home.  I decided to spend it cleaning the house and going through old things including pictures, cards and letters.  Finding tokens of mine and Danny’s relationship was a fun way to pass time.  It’s interesting to see how our relationship has evolved and amazing how fast things change.

We use to do a lot of things we don’t do anymore.  Dating people things opposed to married people things mostly.  Thankfully, one activity in particular has stayed with us and I hope that it always will.  I don’t know how it started but somehow after many hours of watching television in the B’s family basement, me reclining on Danny whenever we are on the couch was deemed “assuming position”.  We make the request to “assume position” daily and nothing comforts me more.

To my amusement I recently realized that we also assume a standard round of positions at night.  The duration that we stay in each position varies; however, we inevitably go through the cycle every day.

Phases 1-3 are our evening routine.  Phase 4 occurs in the morning when I need some cuddletime before facing the cold.  Lucky for me it generally follows or proceeds a half-sleep back massage from Danny.

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