What do Kate Middleton and Danny have in common?

No Danny isn’t pregnant.*
But like Princess Kate he’s sick to his stomach.**
Last night Danny came to me at 1am to apologize because he threw up in the bathroom sink.  He felt horrible about it and wanted advice about how to clean it up.  He was also really embarrassed and wanted to keep me out the bathroom.  I collected some cleaning supplies for him and prepared to return to bed like he told me to but I changed my mind.  
Several months ago I had a horrific accident with the toilet – it flooded, it was disgusting and who was by my side helping me fix it? Danny.  
Now the poor boy was sick to his stomach and looking like death.  I wasn’t going to leave him to fend for himself.  I cleaned up the bathroom and then some shattered glass (he dropped a cup when he went to get water).  I did go to bed after that but only because I know he prefers to be left alone when he’s not feeling well.  So far he isn’t feeling any better and I hope I don’t get what he has.  I picked him up some medicine before heading to work, hopefully that helps.
People keep asking me how’s married life and it’s moments like these when I can say it’s going really well.  A night like that isn’t fun – it was pretty gross – but I think it’s a sign of a solid relationship.  I was able to be there for Danny when he needed me and I know he’ll be there for me when I need him.  Surely, there is no greater sign of love than dealing with a person’s bathroom related problems.  
*If I had been throwing up last night everyone would assume I’m pregnant.  But when a boy is sick no one ever asks him that.  So from now on when a guy complains about being tired or sick to their stomach I’m asking if they’re pregnant.  It’s only fair.
**Congratulations to Kate and Wills on expanding the British monarchy.  This will surely take their popularity and magazine covers to a whole new level.  I wonder what they’ll name the baby – whatever they pick I’m sure it will make a most popular list.  It has to be difficult for Kate because she’s limited in what name she can pick.  She may love the name McKenzie but there will never be a Queen Mac for England.  So my money is on Victoria, Ann or Elizabeth – a classic. I also feel for William because even if he wanted to name a girl Diana, I’m sure he never would do to the media frenzy it would cause.

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