Year 6



When Danny and I first started dating I was at my lowest weight because I was too happy to eat. We saw each other every day for a year and texted good morning and good night without fail.

These days we see each other every day but we almost never say good morning or good night. You get into a groove (or sometimes a rut) after awhile and the butterflies settle down but they don’t go away.

Danny and I carpooled to work last month so Danny could help me at a work event in the evening and I was absolutely bubbly about it. It was outside of our routine and even though it was simple it was a great treat!

After some years in a relationship the magic doesn’t disappear but it changes. Every accomplishment, setback, tragedy and momentous occasion creates stronger bonds that can’t be shared with anyone else. Last year I created this piece of ‘art’ to represent our marriage through the years – from newlyweds, to new parents and homeowners to expectant parents again. It’s all the little things that add up to make a beautiful picture.

Lessons in Marriage:
Year 1: The first year of marriage is REALLY hard! Even if you lived together and shared finances beforehand, the piece of paper changes things.

Year 2: Don’t take the good things for granted and share them with your family and friends. The little things you complain about will seem more serious to them if they don’t know the big picture.

Year 3: When you’re with the right person, you know it and it feels wonderful.

Year 4: Marriage is a series of choices. You decide how you act and react – all actions have consequences.

Year 5: Relationships take effort and sometime a little outside help. Don’t give up when things get hard, go all in.

Year 6: Marriage isn’t always a romantic fairy-tale but its all the little things that add up to create real magic.

Image may contain: Daniel Budzinski and Carrie Budzinski, people smiling, people standing

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