Things I Love at 31

Another year in the books. Time definitely goes by more quickly as you age (Danny says it’s quantum physics). I find that I’m quieter and more introspective in my 30s and also less ambitious (perhaps it’s because I am chronically sleep deprived and currently adverse to caffeine).

I feel that in your first decade of life the world is your oyster, the next for dreaming, your 20s for planning and 30s for living. I’m just living life these days, no particular plans or goals. It’s not that I don’t need them I just don’t have time for them and in lieu of stressing over it I’m embracing it. Things are good, I have no problems or tragedies and that can’t last forever so I want to enjoy it while I can.

Other things I enjoy in this phase of life…

  1. Being at home. My #1 favorite thing is just being at home with my guys, friends, and family. Going on outings requires multiple mental pep talks.
  2. Going on walks. I don’t like leaving home but I love going on walks – usually around our neighborhood. It’s relaxing and get me steps on my watch.
  3. Listening to sports radio. I listen to the The Ticket everyday and really love the Valenti show. I never even watched sports a decade ago so this passion humors me.
  4. Decorating the house. More homebody love – I love perfecting the rooms in our house. It’s been a long process to find a style I like and a system that is satisfying for the long haul but that’s a perk of getting older.
  5. My hair! Keratin is magic and I actually like how my hair looks most the time – a true miracle.
  6. Comedy shows. I’m not the tv addict of old but I do try and find time to watch a number of comedy shows. I very much enjoy The Conners, Young Sheldon, Single Parents, Blackish, Modern Family, Brooklyn 99, and Grace & Frankie.
  7. Reading. I don’t have a lot of time to read but one thing that hasn’t changed about me from youth to present is having a book in my hands.

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