Cara’s Baby Shower


This weekend I helped host a long anticipated event – my best friend’s baby shower! The journey for these babes have been a long one but the reward is in sight. Lillian and Emily have a lot of people who love them and are patiently awaiting their arrival, it was great to have everyone gathered to celebrate. It was especially nice for Cara who has been on bedrest for several weeks already.

Cara requested a rustic chic ‘perfect pear’ theme and I had fun contributing to the event. Since Target is basically the most amazing place ever, it had exactly what I needed.

Party Highlights:
  • I can better fit into my gift dress from Mother’s Day – hopefully, it fits even better by Christmas.
  • Danny took maternity photos for them last weekend and did a wonderful job so I couldn’t help but put them on display.
  • Everyone doubted that I would use all the cloth napkins I registered for at our wedding but I’m happy to say I have won over the skeptics – we use them a few days a week and they come in handy on special occasions.
  • I found a baker for some custom pair of pears cookies for party favors and I’m not a cookie person but these were DELICIOUS! Turns out I was the last customer for her at-home business and she’s launching a more formal one – Sweets by Joanne. If you’re looking for a baker in metro Detroit I recommend trying her out.
  • It was fun to bring out the chalkboard again, it doesn’t fit the style of our house so I’m only using it for special occasions now.
  • It’s a lot more fun to buy shower gifts after you’ve had a baby because you know what a person will need. Cara gave me a box at my shower that I used all the time when Lucas was first born. I kept all the essentials in there so I didn’t have things laying all over the place and getting lost. I got each girl a box and filled it with some of my favorite items, including: sleep gowns, sleepers with snaps, fleece sleep sacks, pacifiers with clips, and board books of course.


Congratulations Cara and Matt! I’m looking forward to meeting these little ladies.


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