Happy Birthday Wordbird!


Danny turns 33 this weekend! Solid adulthood and nothing beyond family dinners for celebration (maybe the Lions will win for him too).

This past year has flown by and brought big change, Danny was meant to be a Daddy. Lucas adores him but it’s so much more than playtime, he knows when Lucas is sick or uncomfortable. Danny puts Lucas first always, he is not a morning person but he is always ready to be awake for Lucas when he needs him. Even though I know he is an amazing dad, Danny continues to surprise me. The other night I moved to check on Lucas and Danny lunged out and grabbed me because he thought I was Lucas rolling off the bed. I haven’t slept soundly since before Lucas was born but I never realized Danny slept differently too. I don’t know that I can love him more than I do but – if it’s possible – my love grew from this act of fatherly devotion.

Daniel you’re like fine wine, he gets better with age. Here’s to a weekend of cuddles, dinners, drinks and football and a year of love, health and happiness.

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