Brunch at Townhouse


Danny surprised me with brunch reservations at Townhouse Detroit for Mother’s Day. The original is in Birmingham (MI) and this location has really made a statement in the downtown landscape. It’s on Woodward between Campus Martius and Hart Plaza and right on the M-1 route (okay, it’s now the QLine but I prefer the former and will stick to it for now). The Broadway lights make it hard to miss, so does the greenhouse AND outdoor seating area. Unfortunately, busy game day traffic made a wide angle photo hard to get. The restaurant’s design alone is worth visiting. The fact that the food is good and quite reasonably priced is a bonus.

We both ordered chicken and waffles and they were delicious. I don’t even like hot sauce and I ate every bite. I was so stuffed I couldn’t finish all the truffle fries I ordered and they are the best truffle fries I’ve ever had and let me tell you, I’ve had a lot.

We sat in the greenhouse and I got the comfy couch seating. I was definitely nervous to bring out little man considering our last downtown restaurant attempt but it worked out. He was a little fussy at times but the restaurant was just loud enough that you couldn’t hear him.

Those aren’t truffle fries, Danny ordered jalepaneo potatoes


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