Buying a house. Yes, we jumped into this crazy housing market situation. I really hope this isn’t another bubble but I feel confident that we are getting a great house at a fair price, a miracle since everything is going in a day and at top dollar. We also snagged this in a day, it’s everything on our dream house list but in our price range.

Worried about leaving Lucas. This is my last full week at home and I’m not ready. I feel awful for not managing to get him on a schedule and fear the transition is going to be a painful one. I’ve been out of his sight less than 9 hours in his entire life and now I’ll be gone that long in a day – 5 days a week. *tears*

Eating better, I think. I’m avoiding ice cream and replacing them with yogurt parfaits with frozen fruit and homemade granola. Ironically, I was eating vanilla yogurt and it has more sugar than ice cream!

Loving Captain America: Civil War and Grace & Frankie! I anxiously anticipated both and neither disappointed. MARVEL Studios really knows how to make movies and Netflix isn’t too bad at their production either. Grace & Frankie is sweet, funny and pretty to look at – even Danny likes it. Cap is my 2nd favorite after the first Avengers. I didn’t think they could have that many superheroes and still be good but it was fantastic.

Waiting to see Mr. Hughes and his wife this weekend. It’ll be the first time he’ll meet Danny (unbelievable as it sounds) and Lucas (who I named Mikhail in honor of Michael). Little man’s guest record is sketch these days so I’m REALLY hoping he doesn’t scream during the visit and is good for a picture.

Reading Catch-22 again. I haven’t found any new reads to entice me and figure I’ll go back to some tried and true options – particularly books, I regularly recommend to other.

Laughing at these 90s classics in a car.

Needing recommendation for local roofers, electrician, plumbers, etc. since we’re embarking on this homeowner journey.

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