Happy Friday


It’s been a week and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my frustration with daycare. Although they are not necessarily on my favorite people list, they did garner some goodwill when I opened Lucas’ folder and found this adorable picture. I have no idea who the other babies are but there’s no mistaking my liberal left-wing meatball sporting Democrat blue. Clearly, these folks know who they’re dealing with. I am obviously biased but I think Lucas is the cutest of the bunch, also the palest…

I’ve been ghostly myself this week, between these exciting Olympic games and Lucas deciding that multiple evening wake-ups are fun… I read that the Olympic ratings are down but I don’t know why. Phelps, Walsh-Jennings, Ledecky and the gymnasts are all fun to root for. I think Laurie looks and acts like a mini-Mila Kunis. Simone Biles’ personal story is unbelievable. She is a great example of what you can accomplish with dedication and determination, no matter what the challenges. I’ve always liked Michael Phelps because of his Michigan connection and it’s exciting to witness such an amazing athlete (Mr. B is also convinced that Lucas and Boomer could be twins – it’s hilarious). I haven’t seen beach volleyball in a couple days and I’m hoping I haven’t missed anything! We’ll definitely enjoy the rest of the games this weekend.

We’re also wrapping up the final house improvements. Sadly, my kitchen will have to wait but everything else is looking great and I plan to get up some pictures next week.

P.S. The only gambling I have an interest in

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