Lucas Month 5

Lucas 5

Two toes up for two teeth! It appears our boy is double jointed in his toes because he can hold them up like thumbs and it cracks people up. He also has two little (although strong) front bottom teeth.

We don’t know if it’s the teething, daycare or mystery reason but he had his first real illness. A temp that went up to 101.3 but he was a trooper and not fussy about it at all.

Lucas really is the happiest boy. He is so happy his entire body shakes with excitement and he can’t open his mouth wide enough to smile, Danny and I could not feel more love and neither could anyone else.

My Mom and Mr. B adore him. My Mom is a sucker for all kids so it wasn’t a surprise. I was very nervous about Grandpa Mondays and worried that if Lucas was fussy, Mr. B would feel overwhelmed and stop watching him. This was a completely unwarranted concern. Lucas can have rough days but Grandpa only worries about him (I’m not even sure how it’s possible that Lucas is the only thing that doesn’t stress him out!). They are absolute buddies and Mr. B misses him the rest of the week – which is good because sometimes we need Friday sitters too!

Due to all the lovin this little man is shamelessly spoiled. He’s always being held and loved on and hates to be alone. A positive of daycare is that someone else can try to teach him he’s not the center of the universe because he totally owns this family!

Consequently, he does not attempt to move himself (i.e. rollover) and he’s still not a fan of tummytime but will often scoot backwards.

Hates cellphones! He’ll tolerate a picture but has no patience for social media browsing. he pushes the phone away and insists on holding my hand when he’s nursing so I can’t multitask. It’s good for me and I’m using the phone less.

Prior to our move, we started spending our evening lounging in bed reading and cuddling and I can’t wait to do that again!

Lucas also hates baby food. Grown-up food he’s all about. He prefers broth from Minestrone soup over cereal and water from a glass with a straw over his bottle lol.

He LOVES the piano!!! My mom bought him a baby grand piano and he takes it VERY seriously! There is no mindless hitting of the keys, he’s thoughtful about it.

Everyone comments that he’s such a big boy but he’s still a baby to me (officially he’s in the 85% for weight and 15% for height – yes a little meatball!). There are moments when he looks just like an infant. Perhaps it’ll always be that way – 50 year old Lucas will still be my baby.

Lucas 5 months.jpg

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