Central Kitchen + Bar



When we decided to do weekly lunch dates while on leave, I never thought we’d go downtown. It’s no secret that parking often dictates where I go and downtown Detroit parking is similar to parking in any downtown – complicated (especially when a time crunch is involved). For some reason, I was feeling especially adventurous and suggested an old favorite, Grand Trunk Pub, the other week and we headed down Woodward. It was a Wednesday and food truck day at Cadillac Square but we managed to find street parking immediately and the credit card meter worked! We parked in front of Central Kitchen + Bar , another new addition to the city, and Danny suggested we check it out.

Located across from Campus Martius, Central is in the heart of downtown/Gilbertville and surrounded by the buzz of workday activity. It was a near full house at the restaurant but we were seated immediately and the service was quick. I ordered the Buttermilk Fried Chicken burger but I’ll admit, I wish I would have ordered the Detroit burger like Danny. Both were good but his was REALLY good.

The changes in Detroit continue to amaze me. When I was working downtown there were only a handful of places to eat and now I can’t keep up! It’s definitely a different city and I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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