Lucas Month 3


A quarter of a year has passed with our little man. I love him more and more every day. He is finally responsive and in our totally unbiased minds a baby genius.

A couple weeks ago Lucas started picking up his rattle and shaking it. The first time he did it he rattled himself to sleep and it was adorable. More recently I was on a walk with him and covered the carseat with a blanket because it was sunny and he was sleep. I suddenly heard the rattle and couldn’t believe it. He picked it up and knew just what to do.

He also knows what to do during a diaper change. He will automatically hold up his legs until his diaper is changed. It doesn’t even matter if it takes a few extra seconds to prep the next diaper.

Lucas is a smiley boy and loves to laugh but he tends to save those moments for mom and dad. To the outside world he generally has his serious face on but it’s because he’s taking in everything around him.

We learned Sunnday he shares Danny’s aversion to heat. I had to stand with him by the wall air conditioner to keep him comfortable at Granny’s.

I don’t know how much he weighs but I’ll guess it’s at least 15lbs. I bought some (really cute) 3 to 6 month clothes for the summer and the shorts don’t fit! I feel like a fool for not getting 9 months and letting them be a little baggy (if that were even the case).

Nevertheless, Lucas still feels tiny to me and I love our cuddle time. Sometimes he’s all about it and I relish in it, other times he prefers his space.

Aside from getting him on a schedule, my proudest accomplishment of the month was teaching him peek-a-boo. Now he’ll pull the blanket over his head and down to play and it is the sweetest thing. It’s also my only fun mom trick to compete with his best buddy…

The best development of the month is his game with Danny. Lucas LOVES his dad and when Danny started doing raspberries to make him smile, Lucas started mimicking him. They go back and forth and it is so fun to watch. Lucas tries to do it with me too but I can’t do raspberries and it breaks my heart that I can’t play his game.

Fortunately, he loves me anyway and will babble words that sound close to ‘I love you’ when we  say it to him. I love you Lucas!

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