Happy Friday


We have fun commentating on Lucas’ thoughts and actions. Mom sent me this yesterday for Lucas and Chester and I love it. We (I) briefly considered a Calvin & Hobbs nursery theme because both Danny and I love the comics. I adore the Captain America nursery selection but look forward to reading the books to Lucas – I think he’ll get a kick out of it.

Ah Friday! Work-life is in ramping up and I’m not entirely ready. Fortunately, it was a four day week and I have a couple days to recover before tackling my first full week back.

As for weekend plans, it’s a full schedule but mostly fun stuff. Kat and I continue our Sex & the City watchathon tonight – I think we’ll make it to my favorite episode. I’m hoping to appeal to her fitbit sensibilities and squeeze in a walk because my fitness levels are way down. Tomorrow, we’re taking Mr. B to Eastern Market for the first time. Hopefully he’ll enjoy it. I’m going to a baby shower in the afternoon and will be relaxing in the evening. Danny might sell me on a date night to see X-Men but I really hate leaving Lucas… Sunday is a long overdue visit with Cara. If I’m being good I will find time to go to the gym.

P.S. For when Kat and I get back to movies

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