Favorite Things


I LOVE Old Navy and Lucas’ new pjs are one great example why – a sophisticated boy pattern that isn’t stripes, checkered, or camo. Not only that, it’s practical (the material is soft and I personally love snaps for diaper changing ease) and affordable (I bought an entire summer wardrobe for less than $70 – awesome sales and rewards money). The hardest pill to swallow about having a boy was the fashion and Old Navy makes it a non-issue.

Danny has improved his constant need for the unnecessary but there are still items that he wants that I think are ridiculous. The espresso machine was one such item. We have a Krurieg and barely use it. He drinks energy drinks/pop and not coffee. I am happy with Starbucks Ice Coffee from the grocery store. At least I was. I’m a sucker for Danny and conceded to the espresso machine and I’m so glad I did. I love starting the day with an iced espresso, especially since my baristo makes it for me. To my surprise, I also enjoy it hot too.

When I started to crave a scone, I did not expect to have a challenge finding one. Turns out they aren’t easy to get and often sold out at cafes (or drizzled with chocolate). Aside from Starbucks there aren’t many coffee shops around me and while I do love their coffee, I’m not a fan of their food. Homemade is always best and turns out not even challenging. I found a Martha Stewart recipe (replaced currants with thawed frozen cherries and a scoop of homemade granola) and it was perfect. The scones were so easy to make that I will definitely add it to a go to treat – especially for guests.

I have to also say that I love my dining set as much as I thought I would last year. I use it almost every day now but when we move, we’ll be using it almost exclusively because the IKEA set is not coming with us to the new house. Surprisingly, this dining set is still available.

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