Without exaggeration these are the only things I want/need.  My minimalist interest leave me eager to get rid of things opposed to accumulating them.  For better or worse, this means I don’t want cheap things readily available at Target.  This works out well for impulse shopping but it’s not so great for actually getting what you want.  Consequently, these are the items I’ll be saving for in the foreseeable future.

1. Reupholstered dining chairs – I bought fully upholstered dining chairs at Target for every day use and I want our formal wood dining chair cushions to match.  I have no illusions about my DIY talents and will be hiring this job out.

2. Everyday dishware – When Danny first got his place I bought a dish-set from IKEA.  It’s functional but I really want an upgrade.  This is currently on a huge sale and might be the first item checked off my list.

3. Sofa bed – Although I want to get rid of the plates, I’m still all about IKEA.  This sofa bed isn’t fancy but it’s affordable and the color matches the office.  We don’t have overnight guests often but when we do it’d be nice for them to have somewhere to sleep.

4. Mail holder – I’m currently using a sleigh from Christmas to hold our mail.  It’s convenient but not cute.  I love this multi-use holder. I’m not sure this particular one would fit our space but Matt is an amazing craftsman and I’ve floated the idea of Danny going over there to make one.

5. Detroit Art – This sign is from Mudgie’s and I want it bad.  Sadly, they got it a year ago from ACO and I can’t find it anywhere online.  Detroit Scroll is similar but quite pricey.  I may attempt a homemade version of this…

6. Bike – A legit Detroit Bike would be awesome but it’s something I will probably work up to.  Danny bought a bike last year and it would be a fun activity to do together.  I’d also need a helmet.

7. Running shoes – A need more than a want.  My beloved gym shoes have a hole and their days are numbered.  I prefer laceless but these Brooks are highly rated.

8. Portfolio – As I transition into a new career I think a work portfolio is appropriate and these multi-purpose ones look great.

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