Happy Friday and Merry Christmas


I started multiple blog post this week but never found time to finish. The charming gent in my arms above has taken an extreme disinterest in going to bed before 10pm so not much is being accomplished in the evenings. Lucas and I are also sick, hopefully, we’ll both be on the road to recovery by this evening.

I’ll be honest and admit that Christmas shopping is not my favorite. In a world with Amazon it’s so easy for adults to buy what they want for themselves at any time of the day, I find the whole idea of a Christmas List silly. For better or worse for the few folks on my shopping list (really few this year because who knew babies and houses were so expensive?!), I don’t ask for suggestions so I have to be thoughtful with my selections.

For my sister who is #alwayswithher 

For my mom who is fortunately close by and always happy to babysit

For my little music man

For my big man who only wants expensive things but needs the basics

For the man who has everything

Have a VERY Merry Christmas!


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