Weekend Update

It was a weekend for the memory books and therefore the blog!

Friday: Mom took us to the Ford House and it was beautiful. It’s hard to believe people lived so luxuriously not that long ago. I certainly experienced some envy and a desire to have a formal dress requirement for dinner… Aunt Mikki remembers bringing Stephen there for an Easter egg hunt when he was a kid and if that’s still a thing, I definitely want to take Lucas!




Saturday: We celebrated our girl Gwen’s 4th birthday! We kinda missed part of it and she didn’t hide her feelings – when we asked how her birthday party was she flatly stated that “we missed it”. Fortunately, the Elsa dress and accessories seems to have made up for it! We also had a long overdue hang out with Brett and Lindsay. I remember a couple years ago we swore we wouldn’t get too old or caught up in life that we’d stop our Saturday nights. Ironically/Pathetically, we now live less than a mile away from each other but hardly hang out – we’re going to work on that.



Friday & Saturday: The best news of the weekend was that on Friday evening Cara gave birth to Emily May and Lillian Rose. These babies are answered prayers. Cara has been trying for so long and then there was a scare in September that left us all nervous. Thank God, they arrived when they were supposed to (albeit earlier than 40 weeks) and healthy. I look forward to many happy adventures with these ladies and all the kiddos in our life.


I wasn’t there for the birth but I’m happy to say I was there for water breakage AND I confirmed correct spelling on the birth certificates.


Friday, Saturday & Sunday: I’m embarrassed to admit we don’t have a great picture with my Mom since we saw her all weekend! It’s a blessing that she lives 5 minutes away and will watch Lucas when we need to work (Friday) or make hospital visits (Saturday) and proceeds to treat us to brunch (Sunday). Thanks Mom!


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