Talk about holiday cheer – how cute are these babes? Life is a whirlwind these days. Adulting is hard but parenting this little meatball is the best thing ever!

Enjoying the Hamilton craze. Earlier this year I attempted Ron Chernow’s Hamilton and it’s WAY too dense. I read Elizabeth Cobb’s novel The Hamilton Affair and really enjoyed it. I discovered Lin-Manuel did Drunk History immediately after I finished the book and it offered an intriguing alternative perspective.

Drinking WAY too much coffee; however, I’m not going to Starbucks for it so I’m not feeling too bad about it. My trick is a spoonful of Sanders caramel and some whole milk.

Wearing a couple new items I picked up from Target and H&M including this black skirt which combines matron modesty with youthful sophistication.

Excited to celebrate the Christmas season with Lucas. My Mom is starting a stocking tradition and I look forward to carrying on the traditions Danny and I have started over the years and adding new ones in the years ahead.

Holding on to the final weeks of these two in the White House – seriously wtf America? – and will celebrate the new year with some White House eggnog – because we all gonna need a drink to make it through 2017.

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