Year In Review – 2018


Even with a two month hiatus, there was plenty to write about on the blog this year.

Detroit: Top 10 Things To Do In Detroit / Spring Restaurant Openings / Family Day @ Vault of MidnightMother’s Day Gift Ideas / Flowers of Vietnam / What’s New In Detroit Vol. 1 / Palmer Park / Best Places To Eat In Detroit /

Books: You Learn By Living / The English Wife / I’ve Been Thinking / Kids Books / Recommended Reads By Ambassadors & Eunice / 40 of Our Favorite Children’s Book / Circling the Sun / The Silence of The Girls / In The Hurricane’s Eye / Lafayette in the Somewhat United States

Life: Words of Wisdom / Choose Love / Kitchen Update / L is for… / St. Patrick’s Day Fun / Dining Room / Bedroom Updates / Travel Lessons in Naples / Marriage Lessons – Year 6 / Things I Love at 31 / $5 DIY Art / Our Family Traditions / 24 Days To Christmas / 2018

Recipes: Oatmeal Stout Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars / 5 Favorite Recipes / Pizza Pizza / Breakfast Party Recipes / Korean BBQ Tacos / Hungry Harvest / French Dip / Easy Meal For A New Mom / Pumpkin cupcakes / Slow Cooker Swedish Meatballs /

News: Elections, NPR, Found Tonight & Stephon Clark / The Royal Wedding / Life in America /

The Boys: Little Lucas / My Cure For Mom Guilt / A Memorable Weekend / Parenting Rules? / BIG News /  Month 4 Round IIMonth 5 Round II / Boys Outfits / Month 6 Round II /

Fun: Lily & Jane / MARVEL MoviesWhat’s Old Is New Again


January – I accept that it sounds vein but Keritan really changed my life. I managed to go the year without worrying about my hair for the first time in my life. 


February – We accomplished a lot with the house this year and I could not be happier with our progress. 



March – I took on a few DIY projects this year and they’ve been a lot of fun!

Mom and Lucas_1

April – My baby changed a lot in only a few months!


May – I haven’t had a desire to be social this year but Lindsey suggested we have the flower party and I’m glad we stuck to it.



June – The world was a lot to handle and I took a break from blogging but I’m glad I didn’t walk away (and did some marching).



July – Our summer was amazing, peaceful and mostly spent outdoors. I have never been a summer lover but this summer changed my mind.


August – I was basically a dead woman the entire month (morning sickness) so I like having a picture of us where I look human.


September – A few days in Naples, FL was surprisingly refreshing and I learned that we need to make sure we get away every year.


October – I couldn’t resist copying Meghan and Harry’s announcement picture but I can’t believe I didn’t role my sleeve – ugh! 


November – I can’t wait to see these boys together!



December – This was a hard year but better than I could have ever imagined. I’m so blessed to have my guys, I couldn’t be happier.



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