Little Lucas


Time passes so quickly, I wish I did Lucas updates more regularly after year one. At the time you feel like you’ll never forget the moments but inevitably you do. Here are some recent memories and general reminders to my future self.

We bought tickets to Sesame Street Live and I couldn’t wait to take him. We talked it up and that was probably a mistake right there. Since we spent the morning in Lansing I expected him to get plenty of sleep in the car, unfortunately that didn’t happen so he was overly tired by 7pm. Tears started at the souvenir stand where waiting in line for yet another Elmo item was torture. When we made it to our seats he was ready to run/see Elmo so tears. When random humans started the show for 15 minutes or more, I gave him the phone to watch Elmo’s World. When Big Bird and Oscar showed up he was interested. When Elmo came on stage, Lucas wanted to be with him and hysterical tears and screams started. I took him out and explained Elmo had to work but it was a lost cause. By intermission he wanted to go home and we agreed. The sweetie that he is when we were walking back to the car he said, “Thank you Mama and Daddy, I had a lot of fun. I love Elmo!”

Lucas is our little cross-fit trainer lately. He instructs us where to stand and then has us hop, waddle, gobble, spin and dance in various order for 20 minutes. It’s the best kind of workout because I can’t say no! He also likes to do his yoga book¬†– we do special things for certain pages buzz like a bee, count to 20, flap like a butterfly, ‘be silly’ and end the day with calm by breathing in the good and out the bad.

He loves to watch tv but he’s still an avid reader. His favorite books are currently Spiderman, Thomas and the Dinosaur, Zootopia, Me and My Mom, and Daniel Tiger.

Lucas is a great helper in the kitchen but a picky eater. He snaps beans and helps me bake but won’t eat either. His diet is very orange – nuggets, goldfish, jar sweet potatoes or carrots, peanut butter sandwich (on bread or graham crackers), cheese of all kinds, and ‘peatos’ (our Cheeto alternative and the only green food he’ll eat. He loves peaches and mandarin oranges but they disagree with him. Grandpa folds cheese slices for ‘cheese sandwiches’ and Grandma and Aunt B use popsicles for bribes.

Daycare is now a solid win. He loves going to school and it makes the heavy price tag a non-issue. He’s been in class with Jax, Chase, Easton and Holden since he was four months old and they are buds. Jax is definitely his best friend, he even pretends his Little People are Jax at home and they go to school.

As he gets older it’s SO much fun to watch his imagination in action. He pretends to be Spiderman, he frequently tells us he’s off to visit Grandma/Grandpa or going to work, and he acts out stories for his Little People toys.

Lucas is a smarty and knows his continents and we’re working on the oceans. He likes to read his books over and over so he can read them himself. He knows Freight Train and Brown Bear and will read them to himself.

We’re at a loss about his hair but Danny especially makes sure to compliment him on it daily. People always comment on his red curls and we don’t want him to feel self conscious so we make an effort to tell them how much we love them and how handsome he looks. I give Danny a lot of credit for noticing and taking the lead on this one.

More than anything Lucas is a cuddle bug. He wants hugs and kisses always (which is good because I demand them often). He’s the center of our universe and knows it. He hates it when he doesn’t get our full attention so if he’s eating he’ll spill on purpose or pull us to play – not the best habits I know but I also don’t care. Lucas is perfect in every way and I can’t get enough.

Lucas Favorite Things:

  • Chester and binky!
  • Elmo!
  • Thomas and anything trains
  • Boss Baby and Zootopia (aka Bunny & Fox)
  • Cars
  • Super Why and Dinosaur Train
  • Running
  • Not sleeping


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